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  • With any Email or Team Bulletin, at the top of the “form,” identify yourself, for example, “Coach Fred Lawrence” and where prompted, provide your personal email where replies will be directed.
  • Do NOT reference a specific child by name in your team blasts or emails.
  • Do NOT send out TEAM emails without going through the website (logging in as Coach.)  The website is the standard vehicle for communications.  You are not allowed to share the team email distribution list with anyone on the team.   Yes, you may correspond with individuals through your personal email just as they are encouraged to email you directly.  
  • Do NOT identify any child by name in a picture (you can also upload pictures with your password).




How do I  Add a "Team News" message to my Team page  (Then email blast to team while copy stays on website.) 

How do I  Email My Team (or a subset or individual) (can attach attachments, no copy of email on the website)

How do I  Assign Jersey Numbers to my players

How do I  Add a Practice to the Schedule

How do I  Send a Text Message when I have time critical information

How do I  Correct or Update a Player's or Parent's Contact Info

How do I  Post a Game Score

How do I  Obtain a Game Day FCFL Play Count Roster

To Log In with Administrative Access: 
  1. On the home page, in the upper right hand corner, Click on the “Sign In” box.
  2. At the prompt, type in your EMAIL ADDRESS, and then your Personal Password.
  3. The upper right hand corner will display:  “Welcome First Name Last Name | Administer | Logout
  4. Click on “Administer”
  5. Administer functions now appear as drop down options across the top of the window.
  6. Note the “Support” on far right—“HELP DOCS” are where you will find the Coach Manual and other supporting documentation. This is your online help and can help you execute, step-by-step what you need to do. 
"Email" versus Posting "Team News" on the home page and blasting out to Team: 
Use "Team News" as the default method.  
When you add a team bulletin (team news) to a team’s home page, you can view it online, edit it, then check the “Broadcast Message” box at bottom of the composition area to email to team.  "Team News" ensures that a copy of the email remains on the webiste.  When you use the "Email Members" function, the message is not posted on the website itself.  
     When you check "Broadcast Message"-- check only "Parents" and "Team Members"  
DO NOT CHECK or "Include text messages" (unless an emergency)
Check:  "Send to Parents"
Check:  "Send to Team Members"
DO NOT CHECK  "Include Board, Officials and Friends Teams" 
Use "Email Members" when you are sending attachments or you specifically do not want a copy of what you are sending to be on the website on this team page.



(Constant Construction and Updates.  Check Back!  Provide Input!


  • Read the FCFL Policy for your grade.  Fulfillment of those policies is what defines your role.  (Coaches handle the "coaching!"
  • Check with Registrar on Med Form status of your team and follow-up with delinquent families.
  • Label Helmets (Day 1).  Bring black sharpie & use white athletic tape out of the Med Kit to label each boy's helmet (above the eyes, name that Coach will call him.)
  • Team Book (Day 1):
    • Initial book is provided by VP Registrar on Day 1 at practice.  Kept with Team Bag /Coach at all team gatherings (practices/games).
    • Medical forms are confidential, on a need-to-know basis (which includes Managers and Coaches). Review all Medical forms for Allergies, Medical Conditions.  Any nut allergies or bee allergies, will require that the family provide you with a labeled Epi Pen that has to stay in the team's Medical Kit throughout the season.  (Any child that may need an epi-pen needs to provide one for the kit.)  This data is not recorded electronically for HIPA reasons.  At the end of the season, VP Registrar shreds all Medical forms.
    • Make an "Alert" sheet (manually, not on computer) that lists the allergies etc (and name of the kid) for the front of the book and review with all Coaches.  The Manager has to keep an eye out on any food parents want to bring etc.
Team Book Contents (almost a virtual book with links):
Medical Form Status Sheet
Team Roster
Limited Position Stickers (tackle only)
WTYFC Coach Rosters
Registration Agreements Signed as Part of Online Registration:
FCFL/WTYFC Player Code of Conduct (click)   (check here for information about missed practice policy etc.)
Medical Forms
WTYFC Player BIOƃƒƒƒƒƒƒƒ¢€‹


  • Finalize jersey #'s and sizing (Day 1) -- needed by Monday night, Day 1, for ordering. (Update website for correct Jersey #s)  See How to  Assign Jersey No's (click)

  • Weigh players (first week).  Best to do either right before or after a practice.  Players must wear all equipment that they would wear in a game except for helmets and shoulder pads.  Update the website for the Player's correct Weight.  See How Add/Edit Player Weights (click)  Distribute Limited Position Stickers.

  • Limited Position Stickers (first week). Each "limited" position player must have a distinctive mark on the front of his helmet in the form of an orange circle not less than 1-inch in diameter.   A "limited position player" is one who exceeds the maximum designated weight limit for their grade level.  See FCFL Weioght/Age Requirements at this link -  (For 2016, limits are 110, 125 140, 155 for grades 5, 6, 7, 8 respectively.)   These players ust play interior line "limited" positions which meeans that they can not be more than 2 players away from the Center on the line.  They are never eligible recievers or ball carriers regardless of where they line up.

  • Attendance Roster (ASAP) - Managers / Coach can create/format their own Attendance Charts as this gets to personal preference.

  • Communicate Field Rules (click) to all Boys (verbally!) and Families.  (These need to be updated for new 2014 restrictions on sound and light useage, and will be done before the first home game.  For ALL PRACTICES, no horns, whistles, amplified sound.  (Cheer music on personal players OUTSIDE of the field fence, may still be used.) 

  • Helmet Decals -  Each Coach will be given a set of Trojan head yellow label/stickers to affix to the sides of the helmet.  Placement is supposed to be uniform.  Managers should afix them.

  • Game pants & away jerseys - distribute.  (Personalized home jerseys are on order.)

  • Volunteer Coordination - Review "Volunteer Information" provided by Registrar for any quick hits.  Each team should have 8 games.  Volunteer needs are different between home games and away games and the objective is to comply with the GAME DAY responsibilities laid out in the FCFL policy.  Game hosting responsibilities are the responsibility of both the Cheer and Football teams and cheer families are included in the volunteer pool.  Cheer and football managers coordinate.  (Concession stand operation is under discussion/negotiation.)  History has shown that it is optimal to assign responsibilites to families at the start of the season once the schedule is known, adjust for conflicts, remind them pre-game of commitments etc.

o  Home games:  

  • 0 (2015 Board is arranging for Contractor to handle Concession Stand.)
  • 1 Team Photographer (allowed on field)
  • 2 Equipment Put Away people (If last game on field.)
  • 2 Field Set-up people (If first game on field: 20 minute job putting up goal post pads, yard markers, corner posts)
  • 1 PA System/Announcer (really nice to have, but CAN do without)
  • 1 water (bring 4 gallons of water to bench pre-game that will be used to refill team waterbottles)
  • 1 oranges (bring bag of oranges cut into halves for half-time)
  • 1 Scoreboard Operator (may be on field with remote board)
  • 1 Videographer
  • 2 Play Counters
  • 2 Gate Security (anyone on field pust have Field Pass)
  • 3 person Chain Gang

o   Away Games:

  • 2 Play Counters
  • 1 Videographer
  • 1 oranges (bring bag of oranges cut into halves for half-time)
  • 1 water (bring 4 gallons of water to bench pre-game that will be used to refill team waterbottles)

2nd WEEK

  • Distribute White Game Jerseys, any other equipment that arrives (ordered pants etc)
  • Pep Rally (end of 2nd Week of practice)  May be involved volunteering to serve pizza etc.  Cheer teams perform half-times/cheers.

Home Games

  • Field Passes, Scale, Test Weight-- obtain from Pack Rat or prior game WTYFC Team Manager
  • Give opposing Team Manager appropriate Field Passes for rostered adults
  • Field Set-Up & Volunteers in Place
  • Police grounds/bleachers after game to ensure EVERYONE picks up their trash!   Communicate the requirement to team families!

All Games

Throughout Season

  • Maintain Team Book
  • Team Communications (via website)
  • Distribute Home game jerseys and spirit wear when order comes in.
  • Organize volunteers  for away/home games